Friday, March 7, 2008

Weekly Update 3/7/08


It’s the First Friday, which means we are having a party! This month’s event is celebrating Iranian New Year, with our own Kamyar Enshayan, and his daughter Nettie, sharing with us all about how this holiday. Bring a dish to share—if you are feeling adventurous, make something from Iran. If not, just bring what pleases you. We will enjoy it!  And you will enjoy being here, 6pm tonight!

Our Sunday Service (9:30-10:45am)
This week Karen Impola will be sharing with you some inspiring stories about UU Women in honor of Women’s History month, and why this is important to her. Come and be moved.


Second Hour (11:15-12:15)
We have classes for children, youth and adults. This weeks offerings for the adults are:
Circle Way - The topic for Circle Way will be the Spring Equinox ritual, facilitated by Deblyn Russell and Sue Wilson.
Stories That Changed My Life - New series, join fellow UUs as they relate interesting and informative stories about events that changed their lives. Julie Fischer will share her story.  

Children’s Dedication Service:
We will be dedicating babies and children on Easter! If you’d like to include your child, please let Kathy Klink-Zeitz or me know. Ask if you want more information about the ceremony.

Nickname the church, phase 2:
After weeks of Brainstorming, we now have LOTS of fun and interesting names to consider. Its time to move into Phase 2, which is advocacy. This means making notes about what you like or think is good about a name. Remember, so that this stays fun and light-hearted, and respectful, we are asking that you refrain from making negative comments. If everyone just writes about what they like and what is good, we can all read these messages—and be able to sort from a place of joy, and excitement. Feel free to type up your thoughts and hang them next to your name . . . Or to grab a sticky note and place your comments on that next to the name(s) you find have merit.   

Just to help you think about all of this, I have printed out a flyer like might be hung in a coffeeshop and a letterhead with [Insert Name Here] on it, so you can picture the use of this nickname. Also, think about talking about your church to a new neighbor or colleague at work, using these various nicknames. What rings true to who we are, and seems welcoming, understandable, open?

Why are we doing the “Nickname the church” project?
In case you missed it, we are doing this project for several reasons. The first one is that our current name is a mouthful, so it seemed like a “nickname” might be helpful in talking about it with others, with referring to it in the community. There has also been some thought that “Black Hawk County” doesn’t accurately describe the make-up of our membership, since Waverly isn’t in BHC. Some have felt that the name “Society,” while once used more regularly for religious institutions has been used more and more exclusively for clubs and professional groups—so it fails to communicate to the larger community our religious nature. Even “UUSBHC” looks a bit daunting for the uninitiated. Anyhow, so we are attempting to find a ‘nickname’ to go in front of our legal name. We want to make the process fun and compassionate and inclusive. There is no set outcome, and if we don’t find one that we agree on, that’s okay. BECAUSE, the other reason to do this, is that it gets us talking about who we are, how we see ourselves, how we want other’s to perceive us, how we talk about ourselves, etc. This is all wonderful conversation to have!

Cyber News: we now have a UUSBHC Facebook Group for Facebook users . . . Please feel free to join us!

Please note, I am not at Cup of Joe this afternoon, due to the First Friday event.

Pastoral Update (3/7/08)

In Your Thoughts & Prayers:
Damon Gross’s father, Everett,
died in Crete Nebraska. He had a heart valve that wasn’t working well, then got flu this week.
Margie Miller’s mom Helen died in Ames on Thursday night, after being in hospice for only a brief time.
Dottie Forsberg, who’s building is still under quarantine.
Esther, whose sister died of cancer this past week.
Shut-Ins (people to visit):
Mildred Pierce
1710 Walnut St. CF
Cards (people to send a card to):
Damon, Margie, Esther.
Mildred Pierce, 266-9727
Glenyce Butschy, 266-3196 (Ask if she wants a visit. She is getting out a bit now!)

Happy News!
Scott and Beth Fullwiler are pleased to report that their daughter, Adelisa Hilda Maria Fullwiler, who was legally adopted under Guatemalan law in July 2007, was re-adoption under United States law on March 3, 2008!

Funerals/Memorial Services:
For Damon’s father, Everett: service in Crete Nebraska at Grace Methodist Church on Wednesday.
For Margie Miller’s mom Helen:  in Ames on Monday.
Esther’s sister’s service was held on last Wednesday.

Please help us live our vision of being a place of caring, let us know of people who should be included in the Pastoral Update—even if its yourself! We want to know. Esther Kieffer and Rev. Eva.

May we all reach out, in spite of earth’s imperfections for what is good and lasting and true in life.

Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home


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