Friday, April 4, 2008

Weekly Update 4/4/08


Well, its going to be an exciting weekend with many things to do. Lots of invitations and e-mail have been flying fast and furious to tell you what’s happening, and I’ll summarize them all in a moment. BUT first, let me invite you to the most important event of our week: our weekly Sunday service. Why is it the most important? Because it is where you and I work together to lift up the most important ideals of our community, and we feel like a community! Make a plan to come, this Sunday, and often!

Sunday Service this Week (9:30am)
Julie Fischer and I will share our learnings and wisdom from reading the book “Silent Thunder.” Its about elephants, and a woman who gave her life to studying their communication and habits. She tells a powerful story, and we hope to share some of inspiration with you. Family Folk Ensemble will be helping us sing!

Second Hour (11:15 to 12:15am)
We have classes for children, youth and adults . . . The children are in their on-going classes. The offerings for adults are:
Conscious Living conversation about . . . Creating a conscious plan for economic development that is environmentally aware with our own Kamyar Enshayan.  And, a
Prayer Vigil —joining people around the world who have decided to put their intention toward peace  here and in the Middle east, at this exact hour, using tools learned in the movie “The Moses Code”(shown

Potluck Fundraiser (“Prairie Home Companion-style”)
Help raise funds for our awesome Music Director and Family Choir Director (Carolyn and Mimi) to go to a UU Music Conference. Bring a happy dish, just like Grandma used to make, for the old-fashioned church potluck luncheon—how about some ‘powdered milk biscuits’ or ‘rhubarb pie’? Followed up by a wonderful variety show featuring many amazing acts.  Please invite your friends and neighbors! (Right after Second Hour, starting at 12:15pm)

Now, other events this weekend:

Passover Seder tonight
It starts at 6pm. Bring a dish to share. Best would be kosher—don’t mix meat and dairy in one dish. And items made with unleavened bread. BUT, what’s MOST important is that you come and enjoy learning about this holiday, and share a celebration of making to the Promised Land.

Movie: Moses Code on Saturday night
6pm and 7:45pm—Two showings. $5 donation to cover costs. A spiritual documentary being shown simultaneously about the country.

Also . . . I WON”T be at Cup of Joe today . . .
I’ll be home preparing for Seder dinner.

Next weekend I’ll be writing to you from Omaha, where a delegation of us are traveling for the Annual District meeting. It will be good to see fellow UU’s from around the area, and learn what exciting things they are doing in their communities. I’ll be leaving Thursday (April 10th) and will be back Sunday night. I’m preaching at 1st Unitarian Church of Omaha next Sunday—on Race, Rev. Wright, and Liberation Theology.

(To Nangroi!) Keep on progressing, our Unitarian friends in the Khasi Hills say. They mean keep on working all that is good and right and true. We each have our own special gifts to bring to this world. This weekend shows all sorts of talents and treasures we can bring to this world and our work on it. To Nangroi!


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