Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekly Update 8/22/08


Deep in our souls there is a pace that hungers, that calls to us, through the business of our lives, the details, the shopping lists, the many chores, work and distractions of tv, movies, video, even pleasing others . . . It calls us to authentic connection with something that is bigger than all this. Its says to us “HEY! I’m here. Pay attention! Just stop all that, and notice how big the world is, how amazing it is, how short your life is, how delicious this tedious food is that you eat each morning, day after day, dreaming of more. . . .

And so we come to church. This hunger, this call, brings us here to set aside a time to explore these realms of reality we dance in each day, but seldom give notice to . . . . Worship service reminds us to wake up, pay attention, connect! Deep conversation over times leads our minds to pathways unknown. Observing others lives gives us strength and joy to live ours more fully. Hearing stories of injustice reminds us to work for a common good. It is a communion of souls.

And so this week on Sunday, our Service will be our Annual Water Communion. A time to share the diversity of our experiences and our travels, and rejoice in coming home to our religious home to share, to offer our gifts. We symbolize our community in this way, as we bring water from near and far, to pour into a common bowl. Come and join us in this service for all ages. And bring a small container of water from your travels or symbolizing some place truly special to you.

Second Hour
We will gather to have a Visioning Session on the ideas of re-structuring the church that have been set-forth by our Restructuring Task Force. Although this doesn’t sound really ‘saucy’ . . . How we do things, how we relate to one another sets the tone for how our whole community feels about each other. So your advice is welcome!

We say good-bye to some church leaders this fall, and welcome new ones in their place this fall. Particularly, we will miss the ministry of our Music Director and Pianist Carolyn Hildebrandt. She has done this ministry with great passion and joy for over 10 years.  Look forward to a whole new team and approach to music as we Dare to Grow into a new place with music in our worship life! I hope you’ll send Carolyn a note with a story of your favorite song, piece of music, or music memory!

Pastoral Update
Some of you will remember Bea Tate who we told you had a stroke with complicating blood clot moving into her brain last week. Well, she remains down in Iowa City Hospital, but has been stable for the past few days. All signs are good, but she is a LONG way from returning home. So we ask that you keep her and her family (Husband Tom &  kids: Liam and Delaney who attend Lincoln School). There is a online site were updates are being posted about her health. It is on Caring Bridge, entitled “BeasBuzz.” Here is the link to get there:
You will need to create an account to use the site, but its free.  You can send cards to: Tates, 1007 W. 9th CF 50613

If you have other news, Joys or Sorrows, please let me know—so the whole community can carry you in our hearts.

I’m off to Cup of Joe for our weekly ‘hang out’ time (4:30 to 6pm). Hope to see you there!  

See you in church!
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