Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekly Update 12/12/08

Weekly Update 12/12/08  ~~~Hello!  Hope that you are remembering to breathe in this season that invites us to rush about so much. Even a few minutes of deep breathing will calm you immensely and help so that both you and those around you are more likely to have a “happy” holiday season. I am practicing what I preach! Believe me! Because I preach what I need to practice!  Take of your sweet selves this week. And you will find yourself close to the holiness and happiness of this season . . . .
So many people are stepping up to help out with this Sunday’s Pageant. It’s really fun to see so many people working to create this event for us. And it’s amazing to walk in the Sanctuary and let the stunning beauty of this month’s decorations and poinsettias just catch my breath, filling me with awe. And last Sunday’s Variety Show was the best ever!!! I laughed so hard, and loved the joyful sounds. Plus we raised most all the money towards our goal! Thank you each one of your part in helping with all these things and so many more that make our church community a delight and solace!

Tonight: Holiday Open House @ Eva’s 4:30 to 6:30
610 Franklin St. CF . . . . instead of visiting at Cup of Joe’s, I invite you to come to my house to relax and begin the weekend. I’ll have coffee, tea, wine and a bit of food. No gifts please, you can bring a snack to share if you’d like. I’ll do this again next Friday.
Pageant Rehearsal begins at 7pm tonight. It’s not too late for kids to sign up to be an animal! Just show up.

This Sunday
8:30 am Pageant Rehearsal
9:30 am Service UU Christmas Pageant
Join us for pageant that shares the traditional Christmas story, with a UU twist. Fun and thoughts for kids big & small! Songs by the choir, narrator is Gary Kroeger, and a cast of all ages.
10:45 am Fellowship Time
11 am Children’s Chapel
11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth
11:15 am Adult Classes
Circle Way “Winter Solstice Release Ritual”
Throughout history people have conducted rituals at this time of year as their part in perpetuating the dance of life, to collectively hold the vision of light returning, of beauty being honored, of knowledge being shared, of love touching all. These difficult times can leave people feeling isolated, betrayed, despondent and yet the suffering and challenges we face as a planet also have the capacity to bring us closer to Spirit and each other!
“Welcoming Conversations:
 A Practical Guide in Making Visitors Feel at Home”
Like seeing all the new faces at church on Sunday, but not sure what to say to them? Join the Outreach Committee as they talk about ways to start up welcoming conversations with our visitors that keep them coming back for more. There are lots of kindred spirits out there looking for a liberal religious home, and you can help us reach out to them.
7 pm What’s Up Doc?umentaries “Favela Rising
This Coming Week
*Calendar Deadline
WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays (on Holiday Break)
7:15 pm Theoretical String Band
7:30 pm Buddhist Path
*Newsletter Deadline
9:30 am YoUUng Child Play Group
Pastoral Update
Tyler Vincent’s wife Angie
is back home from her surgery to mend her leg after he fall last week. Esther is collecting simple foods for them to prepare to help Tyler while she is laid up.
Continue to keep Eleanore Stark in your thoughts and prayers.
Let us know if you need our help, or prayers! We are a caring community who wants to help!

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