Friday, January 2, 2009

Weekly Update 1/2/09

Greetings from Chicago . . . where I’ve been welcoming in the New Year with my father and my daughter. Its fun to be here. People on the Southside are very friendly, and so many random strangers have wished me a happy 2009. It’s made me aware of what a gift it is to live in a community where people are happy to see you, even if they don’t know you. It’s rather infectious.
How do you treat random people that you meet? As a gift, a present to unwrap and explore, as something precious?  Or as something to be avoided or not bothered. Explore your reactions to people you see around you this week. Watch how you feel as people are friendly or ignore you! Together, we can work together to create more love and joy in the Cedar Valley—it doesn’t take so much. Just spreading the bug . . .  and we’ve been spreading so many viruses around the Cedar Valley this winter already, its time to spread something else!  Won’t you dare to grow with me a little bit this year, in this way?
First Friday tonight! You got the e-mail invitation yesterday.
This Coming Sunday:
8:30 am Music Rehearsal
9:30 am “Spreading Like Wildfire!” Anniversary Sunday
Once Universalist congregations spread across the Midwest with giant revival meetings. What message did they offer the spirit weary of the plains? Strong enough to leave Iowa with over 100 congregations at the turn of the last century! What can we learn from this past? We’ll serve Communion on our historic Universalist communion set with the children.
10:45 am Fellowship Time
11 am Children’s Chapel
11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth
11:15 am Adult Classes:
Conscious Living:
This ongoing group encourages us to live green, lessen our footprint, live out ecological values, think global/buy local, all the while encouraging ways we can be more ‘conscious’ in our daily lives. Join in with others who are eager to take care of our planet.
New Member Meeting: If you are new to our church, then this would be a good time to visit with Rev. Eva Cameron and Mica Lorenz and learn more about being a UU member.
7 pm What’s Up Doc?umentary “ Tales of the City” The stories of a group of people who meet and become friends in San Francisco.
Upcoming Week:
WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays
5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP)
6:15 pm Family Choir Practice
7:15 pm Theoretical String Band Practice
7:30 pm Small Group Facilitators Meeting
7:30 pm Buddhist Path
6:30 pm Card Club
I’ll be  back for church on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

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