Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Update

Weekly Update for 3/27/09
Its hard to believe that March has come and almost gone. Where did it go, I thought?!  Then I got out my calendar, and looked over the things I did. Wow! I did so much. Lot’s of memories returned of good times with family and friends. Lot’s of quiet moments of small joys. We’ve been raising money for church, and deciding on siding, and holding all sorts of programs. Some of us went on Spring Break. Some had birthdays, and some had close ones die. Life marched on, and we were there! Take a moment. Look back over the past month. Review.
Part of Daring to Grow, our theme for this year, is looking back over past and reflecting. Did we have moments of joy? Did we handle our frustrations skillfully? Are we holding the things we value most in balance? Who needs our thanks for this past month’s gifts? I invite you to take a moment, just like I did, and review your month.
As always, I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege to be your minister. It is a great joy.
I’ll be at Cup of Joe from 4:30 to 6pm for our weekly TGIF.
And there is the Buddhist Movie: join Ralph Burr for a movie and discussion at 5:30pm social, 6pm movie.

Please note that the Buddhist Retreat scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) and the Monday Movie night have been canceled.

8:30 am Music Rehearsal
9:30 am Service “Justice Sunday”
Come and learn more about the UU Service Committee, and their work to live our mission around the world. Our collection will be offered to them, as part of the monthly “Walkin’ the Talk” offering.
10:45 am Fellowship Time
11 00 am Children’s Chapel
11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth
11:15 am Adult Classes:
Book Group
: In the balcony with Pat Malloy “Religion Is Not About God: How Spiritual Traditions Nurture Our Biological Nature And What to Expect When They Fail”
Town Hall Forum: Jan Gallagher and others from the siding sub committee will be presenting information about the siding project including a proposal for debt that will be presented at the Annual Meeting. Please attend and ask questions now, before the meeting. (In the sanctuary)

This Coming Week
WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays
5:00 pm Children’s Choir (sanctuary)
5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP)
6:15 pm Family Choir Practice (sanctuary)
6:15 pm Self Realization Workshop (high school room)
6:15pm Chalice Art Workshop
7:15 pm Theoretical String Band (sanctuary)
7:30 pm Small Group Facilitator’s Meeting
7:30 pm Buddhist Path (balcony)
6 pm First Friday Potluck “Passover” Join us for our Passover Sedar as we learn more about the religion of our friends and neighbors. Please RSVP! We will have special seating and special placemats for the children.
Upcoming Events
Town Hall Meeting - April 7, 2009, at 7:30p.m.
Members are encouraged to attend a Town Hall Meeting to review and discuss these proposals to amend our UUSBHC Bylaws.
§  To increase the number of Trustees from 4 to 5 on the Executive Board; with two (2) elected each year and three (3) elected every other year.

§  To clarify the Financial Director has responsibility as chair of the Finance Council.

§  To clarify each of the Trustees has responsibility to be liaison to one of the councils: Ministry Council; Religious Services Council; Education and Programs Council; Social Action Council; and the Building and Operations Council.

§  To establish an Executive Committee composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Financial Director.

§  To authorize the Executive Board to reallocate funds within the operating budget when it is needed.

If you are unable to attend this meeting or would like additional information, contact Jim Paprocki at 319 296-3737, or <> .
PSD Programs <>  » Annual Conference 2009 <>
Annual Conference 2009
Our Blue Boat Home: Living the Seventh Principle
April 3–5, 2009 Duluth, Minnesota
We explore a broad spectrum of environmental and sustainability issues and their relationship to each and every one of us. The Keynote Speaker <>  is a pioneer in sustainable agriculture: Linda Barnes and Mark Runquist, stewards of high hopes gardens, LLC. The Judy Lecturer <>  wrote “Blue Boat Home”, one of our favorite songs:  Peter Mayer, singer and songwriter. We devote one of the traditional workshop sessions to a Presidential Forum <>  on the candidates for the UUA Presidency. Two pre-conference workshops are offered Friday on Racial Equity <> and Environmental Justice <> .
Plus, our very own Carolyn Hildebrandt will receive an award!  Registration online through April 2!
Pastoral Update:
Lisa Orsborn
(Stephen's wife)  is in the hospital with Pneumonia
Kathy Klink-Zeitz (our DRE) has been at home in bed with Pneumonia as well. She reports: I am so slowly doing better.”
Mica Lorenz
had eye surgery, and it seems to have gone well.
Keep these, and those unknown, in your thoughts and prayers.

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