Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Update

10/15/10 Weekly Update
This is the last weekly message I will write to you for a while . . . BUT, we have been so blessed with so many people stepping up to help out while I am away. And this job will be held by Lara Martinsen-Burrell. If you have anything you want included (most particularly information about church members--those Pastoral Updates, or calendar notices) please contact Janet in the Church Office who will be assembling most of it on Thursday morning.  After Thursday noon, you will have to go directly to Lara who will be adding the message on and sending it out.

While I'm away things may come up. Here are a list of people willing to help:

Weddings, Funerals, other ceremonies of life: John Miller, Sue Hill, Deblyn Russell, Staci Chenanie-Hill, Lara Martinsen-Burrell.

Pastoral Care: Stephen Orsborn, Staci Chenanie-Hill

Hospital Visits, Death in the family: John Miller

Festival Sundays & Drama Team: Lara Martinsen-Burrell

Scheduling the Building: Janet Sanders, in our Church Office

Facebook Updates: Mica Lorenz

New Program Ideas: Michaela Rich

Not sure where to go? or who to talk with?  . . . Please contact John Miller and he will help. If you are willing to organize a Caring Committee, we could still use that help--especially while I am gone. Let John know if you are able to do this.

While on sabbatical, I will be stepping back from life in the church and your lives. This will allow me to spend my time in different ways. While I am in town, if you see me around, feel free to say 'hi' but let's not talk 'shop' while we are together. In the next few weeks, I don't have a lot of travel plans, and so if you want to get together for a personal good-bye time, feel free to contact me and we can go out for coffee or take a walk or share a meal. I've been busy getting things set up to be away and have not had time to set up some of those appointments you've been asking me for. So this will be a nice, gradual way to say 'good-bye for now'.

Some people are wondering about Facebook . . . we didn't have it back when I went away last sabbatical in 2001!  But I have decided that I will be hiding your status updates on my feed. That way you can still see what I am up to, and any pictures I post, but I won't be reading about all of your lives and tempted to comment, or reading church gossip! As for e-mail, if you normally have me on your list, you can keep me there--I will have all the church email filtered into a big folder while I am away. That way I'll have a record of things to refer to when I return.

Thank you again for all the extra effort you are each giving to make this sabbatical possible for me. I am ready for it. Ready to use the time and come back with a fresh spring in my step and life flowing in my veins. Greet the new people for me . . . I'm sure there will be some new one's join while I'm away. And love each other, with kindness and care. You know these things, but like a good mother--I have to say them anyway before I leave. (Oh yes, and don't burn the house down!)

Warm hugs to you!
Hope to see you at the party!

This Sunday 10/17/10
8:30 am Music Rehearsal
9:30 am On What I Hope the Church Learns While I'm Gone: Saying Good-bye Part II ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Deblyn Russell (Worship Associate)
A sabbatical isn't just for the minister of a church, but also for the church itself.  It can be a wonderful time of reflection and restoration, before we continue again in love.  Eva
10:30 am Fellowship Time
10:45 am Creative Spirits Art Sale--rescheduled to Nov 7 (with Alternative Gift Fair)
11:00 am Children's Chapel (balcony)
11:15 am Sunday School for Children & Youth
11:15 am Adult RE Sixty for Six: "Articulating your UU Faith" (balcony)
11:15 am New Member Session NEW, extra for this month (Eva's Office)
12:15 pm Bon Voyage Potluck for Eva (Fellowship Hall)

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week

7:30 pm Board meeting

Wednesday    **Calendar Deadline**

11:00 am Friendship Village ministry

5:00 pm Children's Choir

5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP to by noon on Monday)

6:15 pm Adult Choir

6:30 pm Painting Workshop

6:30 pm Cedar Valley Meditation Group (Junior High room)

7:30 pm Theoretical String Band


7:30 pm Buddhist Path (balcony)

Friday    **Calendar Deadline**

11:00 – 3:00 pm Rental

Other items

Our Band: the TSB (Theoretical String Band) will be hosting a sing-along following the farewell potluck on Sunday. Bring your instruments to strum along, and warm up your voices!

The Creative Spiritz art sale is now being coordinated with the Alternative Gift Fair, on Nov. 7 and will not be this Sunday.

You can still join us for "Articulating Your UU Faith" during Adult RE at 11:15 this Sunday.  We will be starting on Session 3 but it's not too late to join us in practicing how to respond when asked, "What is Unitarian Universalism?"  There are some short homework assignments so if you would like to keep up with the class, send Mica your email at  For this Sunday there is a short reading assignment.  Here is the link for Oct 10th's reading assignment.  Hope to see you Sunday - Mica Lorenz

Office Update
The Calendar Deadline is this Wednesday Oct 20th.  Please let me know of your group's events for November.  Thanks!  Janet

Pastoral Update
Roger Hahn is recovering nicely at home. I just spoke with him today. Please continue to hold him and Cindy in your thoughts and prayers . .. and check in with Cindy from time to time to see if she needs any respite from her role as caretaker.
Glenyce Butschy  and Mildred Peirce remain in the Assisted Living in Western Home. I'm sure they welcome your cards, notes, and calls.
Dottie Forsberg went through a series of medical difficulties in the past couple weeks, and was close to death. She is back to her fragile state of health, but able to do a few things with her husband Gordon Harrington. Please hold her in your thoughts and prayers, and touch base with Gordon to make sure he is supported through this. They reside at Friendship Village.

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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