Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Update

5/27/11 Weekly Update
Here's the latest news about our roof leak. 
For those of you who missed the news, our roof over the old part of the building (sanctuary, balcony, foyer, RE office) had such major leaks all over that it was literally raining inside the building on Wednesday. The original roofer was called, and they discovered that hail damage had left pock marks all over the roof at some point in the past, and it had all given way as we had those large storms with so much water. Many people responded to my plea for help, and most items were moved out of the spaces that were wet on Wed. evening.  Wet-vacs were run and de-humidfiers were brought. And we set up a worship space in the Fellowship Hall.

Since then, we've talked with 2 other roofers, the insurance company, and ServiceMaster for getting ourselves dried out. The damage is massive and not repairable. Happily, we heard today that our insurance company will be covering our roof for this damage to it, and the inside damage as well. Even better, our members, in their wisdom long ago, signed us up for Replacement cost insurance. So we should be able to manage this crisis without deep financial distress. We also have lined up a good roofing company, Service Roofing Co., who can begin to replace our roof on Tuesday.

This weekend, ServiceMaster will be tending to the drying out of things inside. So currently we don't need de-humidifiers to be emptied.

We will need your help on Sunday. During our normal 'clean-up' time we will need to remove all remaining items from the spaces in the old building, since the roofers have warned us that this will be a dusty and messy process. And then we will need to clean up and install new carpeting, and anything else that is damaged from water. 

The major tasks are:
1) Move Janet's office in Balcony to a classroom and set it up to be functional. Move any office items from the blue classroom to which ever room becomes the final office space.
2) Move all items and furniture from RE Office to a classroom for storage.
3) Scan the space for additional items left as of yet.
4) Organize the items behind the partition in the Fellowship Hall (the space we are now jokingly referring to as "Tim's Office" due to the preponderance of music supplies.
5) Additional items as we learn of them--this process shifts each day. 

Please try to keep things in functional groups. Currently all Buddhist Path items are in the Senior High Room. I think we should keep that space fairly open, for church meetings as well as Buddhist Path.

If you are looking for your mail slot, it is in "Tim's Office."

John Miller has been on top of this crisis since the beginning. He will be holding a Q&A session immediately following the service if you want to hear more about this, or learn the details. Please give him your thanks for all the extra effort!

Meanwhile, I planned a while ago to be in Manchester for part of the holiday weekend, and I have decided to keep those plans. I've moved a lot of stuff, and been up on the roof several times this past week. Also I am processing a difficult development in my mother's health. (See Pastoral Update). And am ready for short break. I'll be back with more energy next week!

Thanks to each and everyone one of you who showed up to help, and for those who are coming on Sunday. Many hands sure do make light work!


Sunday 5/29/11

9:30 am Sunday Service: Memorial Day Chapel
Bill Chene & Karen Impola as Worship Associate
This Chapel Service will honor all those who have served our county.  You are invited to bring a picture or keepsake in memory of someone special to you.

10:30 am Update From the Prez--Come hear what's the latest news about our roof leak situation from John Miller: a chance to hear the whole story, ask questions, and learn details about restoring our building to good "health."

11:00am All Church Clean-up
Please wear your work-clothes and bring cleaning supplies for both indoor and outdoor work.  We don't have a custodian, so we all have to pitch in to make our beloved church space shine – kids and grown-ups alike!
12:00 pm Potluck & Picnic
Bring a dish to pass and if you wish, something to cook on the grill.  We'll have the fire hot and we will celebrate the coming of summer with some old-fashioned root beer floats!

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week
6:00 pm Cedar Prairie Vegetarian Potluck
6:30 pm Theoretical String Band
7:30 pm Buddhist Path
1:00 – 3:00 pm Nature Lovers small group

Office Update
During the months of June and July the Weekly Update will be put out by the Office. Please submit announcements and pastoral updates to Janet by Thursday morning, so they can be included. <>

While we are in the midst of restoring our building, the Office has moved to a RE classroom. Please look for Janet during her normal hours, but not in her normal location.

Pastoral Update
We are happy to announce the birth of Robyn and Jeff Heiden's grandson. His name is Jackson Heiden Kimball. Born early Tuesday morning at 8lbs 11oz. to their daughter Lisa and son-in-law Travis.

Eva's mother Joan did not have surgery this past week, as it was discovered that she seems to have 2 concurrent cancers. The doctors are trying to come up with a solid diagnosis and treatment plan. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

The Cedar Valley Hospitality House is collecting used bicycles and collecting donations to purchase pup tents for homeless people in the local area.  Bicycles must be in good working condition and can be dropped off at the Hospitality House, located at 1003 Mulberry St. in Waterloo (phone 319-234-1311).  The pup tents will be distributed to those who are unable to find other nighttime shelter or wish to stay outdoors during the summer months.  The cost of each single-occupant tent is $40.  Tax-deductible contributions can be sent to the Hospitality House at P.O. Box 1505, Waterloo IA 50704.  The Cedar Valley Hospitality House is a nondenominational day shelter for the homeless.  Contributions are tax-deductible.  More information at:

"Evolutionize Your Life"
Michael Dowd & Connie Barlow are excited to announce their 5-week "Evolutionize Your Life" online course: a uniquely evidence-based approach for overcoming self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and cultivating healthy relationships. 
The four-fold purpose of the course is to help people...
    1. Appreciate and respectfully manage their compelling, unconscious physical and relational instincts. 
    2. Consistently interpret life (including chaos and setbacks) in ways that serve them and others.
    3. Replace unhealthy habits of thought and behavior with healthy ones.
    4. Gain measurable skill in communicating and relating to others in mutually-enriching ways.
The course launches June 1 (although people can join anytime and go at their own pace).

June 2 event and exhibition to celebrate former Arts Director
The Waterloo Center for the Arts will honor the legacy left by local artist and former Arts Director Clarence Alling with an exhibition of his work and an opening reception on Thursday, June 2. An accomplished studio potter, Clarence Alling also spent many years serving as Arts Director for what has now become the Waterloo Center for the Arts.  This exhibition, Clarence Alling: A Legacy in Art, will showcase hundreds of his pieces and will truly be a reflection of his long-standing career as an artist and the significant gifts he left to the community.

The Celebration of Clarence Alling reception will be held Thursday, June 2 at 7:00pm and is open to the public.  The exhibit will be on display in Law-Reddington Gallery from June 2 through August 31, and always free and open to the public to view.

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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