Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Update

Weekly Update for August 19:

Exciting news! The new carpet has been installed in the Sanctuary and Foyer. It looks very cheerful and welcoming. We'd like to hold Sunday service upstairs this Sunday, but it would be helpful if a few hearty folk could show up 15 minutes early or so to make sure all the chairs are in place and things are back where they belong. Let me (Rev. Eva) know if you could help out with this.

Our Office Administrator, Janet, is already moved back into her space in the balcony. I think she's going to miss having a window after her stay in the blue Sunday School room all summer.
The plan for the rest of the things is to move them during the clean-up on Labor Day Sunday. Particularly, the RE Office will need lots of books and supplies moved back and then the classrooms set up for classes.

I hope that everyone who is returning to school, college and university--teachers, students and support staff have all had a good week back.

A week from Sunday is the annual Water Communion service, followed by the All-Church Retreat. Plan to be there! Come with a small bottle of water from some place special to you, perhaps a place you got to visit this summer.

See you in church!

This Sunday 8/21/11
9:30 am Sunday Service: "Walking Through the Desert" Rev. Eva Cameron
Maureen Murphy (Worship Associate)
Some times life is like a long hot walk in the desert. It seems relentless and unforgiving; with nothing but mirage to tease you into thinking you'll be getting a nice cool drink to quench your thirst. With the economy, the crazy politics, the wars, and even the weather, it seems many of us are having a stretch of desert walking? How do we make it through these times? Where can we, folks of so many beliefs (or so few!) find an oasis? 

10:30 am Fellowship Time

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week
7:00 pm Committee on Ministry meeting
5:00 pm Children's Choir
6:15 pm Adult Choir
7:30 pm Theoretical String Band
7:30 pm Buddhist Path


Help Wanted: It takes each and everyone of us working together to create this community. Please say yes!

Senior Pals . . . we have several members of our congregation who are not able to get out and about much any longer, and are rather lonely. Would you be willing to visit one of them and be a friend? Ask questions about their kids. Read a book together. Watch a movie. Look at old pictures? Bring them some cookies? I'd love to connect you with someone who could use a bit of connection in their lives.

Adult Programs . . . we need a person or team of people to schedule events for the adults of the church this year. This includes working with the people already teaching classes and adding fun new things to our line-up.

Festival Sunday team members . . .  creative people to join the team that writes our dramas and plans other interactive worship experiences once a month. We will meet Wednesdays during Children's Choir rehearsal (5 to 5:45pm).

Worship Associates . . . help with set-up and running the Sunday services. There is training. Must attend the monthly Religious Services Council meeting (2nd Tuesdays at 7:15pm)

Chalice Children Teachers . . . Our Sunday School class for children 3 years to Pre-K. This class is held during the service on all Sundays except Festival Sunday. This means you would only teach 3 Sundays a month and, ideally, there would be 2 teachers to share the job.

Children's Sunday School helpers . . . be a warm and supportive presence in one of our classrooms. No teaching or advanced prep required.

Hospitality Teams  . . .  join one of the teams that provide coffee, snacks, ushers and other helpful and cheerful Sunday morning tasks! See Mica Lorenz for details.

Sound Team members  . . . work on the team that runs the sound system on Sunday mornings.

Childcare Coordinator . . . someone, or a small team of people to coordinate our childcare for Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and special events. Getting time cards filled out and turned into the Treasurer. Working with the Personnel Com when more childcare workers are needed.

WOW Dinner Helpers . . . Set-up, cooking and clean-up help each Wednesday evening. Heather Flory is the captain of this group, and dinners are a lot of fun!

Contact  Rev. Eva or John Miller if you are willing to take on any of these tasks. If you are leading a team or committee that needs more help, let us know so that we can add to this list!


Choir/Theoretical String Band Party!
Saturday, Aug. 27, 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Carolyn Hildebrandt's and Linnea Sumner's house
2267 Country Lane, Waterloo
RSVP: 319-274-9621 or or Facebook
Bring your friends, family, instruments, and a dish to share!  The hot tub will be open!

The Annual Retreat will be on August 28th!
We would like to invite EVERYONE to join us for the beginning of the Retreat, where we will hear from the Board about their goals for the coming year. ALSO we want you there, so we can update you about the hiring of a Director of Children's Religious Education and have a conversation about our hopes for a DCRE.  Then, for those of you who are on committees this coming year, please plan to stay until 3:00 pm to plan for the upcoming year and coordinate all aspects of our congregation. We will meet as Councils and then together.  John Miller

Goodwill Industries needs Donations!
Donations have dropped to an all time low.  Donations are the lifeblood of our mission of service to those with disabilities and/or disadvantages.  Goodwill Industries is the leader in recycling of used, tired, or worn clothing, housewares, toys, books, tools and more.  We will take shoes, purses, and belts in any condition.  For several years, in partnership with Dell Computers, Goodwill has accepted all brands of computers, monitors, printers, cables, cords, mice, etc.  We ask that you consider our appeal.  Your donations create jobs and contribute to developing human potential.  Please reach out to those around you and urge them to donate to Goodwill.
Dale E. Boyd, CE President/CEO of Goodwill Industries

Office Update
Please send any information for the Weekly Updates to or call 266-5640.

Pastoral Update
Some in our congregation got great health news this week. Others got troubling news. I'm not at liberty to share their stories quite yet . . . but let's just send out a bit of love and energy to everyone at this time.

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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