Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekly Update 1/18/08


Greetings on this snowy and frigid January day. The renewed strength of the sunshine this week has left me in a good mood. I hope that something in your week has left you appreciative of being alive, and full of energy to engage the world with passion and compassion.

This Sunday will be our Annual Question Box Sunday. Join us in this celebration of one of the sacred teachings of our faith . . . That ours is a faith of questioning, seeking, exploring and learning from each other, rather than  feeling like we know “THE TRUTH.”  I still have space for more questions, just pop me an e-mail with them. UU History, Theology/theaology: my personal or stuff in general, world religions, spiritual practices, and whatever else you can think of (amusing stuff is always appreciated too!) Special guest musicians: Jordon Bancroft-Smithe and Bryn Sumner will be with us as well as Family Choir.

Second Hour will offer classes for both children and adults. At this time, we’d also like to extend an open invitation to visit with me and members of the Outreach Committee in my office about membership. There will be an opportunity to sign the membership book at that time. Feel free to pop in if you are ready to join, or just thinking about it.

Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm the Board meets. Meetings are always open.

This Wednesday we will have a special guest all the way from the Khasi Hills of India, where Unitarianism thrives: Khlur Mukhim. This is the man who worked with me to start the Sponsor-a-Student program, and is a beloved preacher in the area. Dinner will be at 5:45pm, coinciding with Family Choir dinner. Please RSVP to Mimi. If you can’t make it to dinner, but would like to hear him speak, we will have a more formal program after choir practice at 7:30pm. Mark you calendars—coming out on a Wednesday night is a lot cheaper than a flight to India, and then a trip up into the remote mountains where he is from!

And as usual, in a few hours, I’ll be at Cup of Joe for our weekly relaxing and ‘hang-out’ time (4:30pm to 6pm). Join us if you’d like, (that’s today, Friday).

Pastoral Update (1/18/08)

Mildred Pierce 1710 Walnut St. CF
Dorothy Forsberg (Friendship Village) 312 Southbrooke Dr. Rm 24 Waterloo

Mildred Pierce, 266-9727

In Your Thoughts & Prayers:
Rita Lynn, who  injured her good shoulder (after having lots of shoulder problems this past year on the other side.)
Glenyce Butschy, who had another bad fall in her house.
Esther’s sister, who is dying of cancer.
Please help us live our vision of being a place of caring, let us know of people who should be included in the Pastoral Update—even if its yourself! We want to know. Esther Kieffer and Rev. Eva.

May we all reach out, in spite of earth’s imperfections for what is good and lasting and true in life.


Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home

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