Friday, February 15, 2008

Weekly Update

Hello All,
This has been a difficult and yet beautiful day. My grandmother died yesterday. She was in her mid-90’s and had not been able to communicate for many years. She and I were very close when I was younger. And, if you’ve sipped tea from my grandmother’s tea cups at my house—it would be this same grandmother. So I find I am very relieved she isn’t suffering any more. At long last of not being able to think about her with pain, I am able to remember our many good times together. That feels like a real blessing. Its also a hard time, as I am talking with family members and trying to make funeral arrangements. She lived in New Hampshire. It looks like Irene and I will be going there the last week in February. (But I’ll let you know more when more is settled).

It is a joy to have sunshine on this day. It makes it so much easier to feel the goodness of the universe.

This Sunday, we have a Service for All Ages . . . Were we are celebrating LOVE in word, song and meditation. I think it will be a powerful experience for everyone, young and old. I hope you’ll join us. Family Choir will be singing!

With lots of people attending these days, here are some thoughts about how to help us all squeeze in!
  • Put your coat upstairs, there’s a coat rack at the end of the RE Hall.
  • Sit up front so there is more room at the back for those who arrive late
  • Cozy together, and don’t leave an empty space between you and the next person
  • Remember there is seating in the Balcony, and we do have hymnals up there.
  • Parking is available in the AEA lot, if our lot is full. We have an arrangement with them.

I hope that you’ve signed up for a Stewardship Dinner. Its a great way to get to know people better, and talk about all sorts of things you like about our community.

Below the Pastoral Update are two other things to read about upcoming events in our community: the start-up of Small Group Ministry, and a process to Nickname the UUSBHC begins this Sunday! So read to the end!
Pastoral Update (2/15/08)
Please help us live our vision of being a place of caring, let us know of people who should be included in the Pastoral Update—even if its yourself! We want to know. Esther Kieffer and Rev. Eva.

I’ve attached three pictures from my visit to Friendship Village Care Center this past week.
In Your Thoughts & Prayers:
Dick Shane
who fell and broke his leg.
Vivian Shane who is recovering from pneumonia.
Dorothy Wendt who has a terrible flu.
Don Wendt who had eye surgery, and is scheduled for the other side in the next few weeks.
Gordon Harrington who was in hospital for a Gall Bladder infection.
Dorothy Fosberg, who’s building at Friendship Village has been quarantined due to flu.
Alma Lynch, who is at the Care Center of Friendship Vilalge, due to falling.
Glenyce Butschy, who is still housebound with her injured shoulder.
Esther’s sister, who is dying of cancer.
Eva’s mother, Joan, who cared for her mother (my grandmother)Beatrice Cameron Shaw, for many years up until her death on Thursday.
Shut-Ins (people to visit):
Mildred Pierce
1710 Walnut St. CF
Dick and Vivian Shane, who’ve been at the Care Center of Friendship Village.
Alma Lynch, at the Care Center too.
Cards (people to send a card to):
Dick Shane, Vivian Shane, Dorothy Wendt, Dorothy Fosberg, Alma Lynch.
Eva’s mother: Joan Reeves, 98 Bedford Center Rd. Bedford, NH 03110

Mildred Pierce, 266-9727

Finding a Nickname for UUSBHC . . .
What are we doing?
We are seeking a good “nickname” for our group. We will keep UUSBHC as a sub-title and legal name.
During Coffee Hour from February 17 through April 13, we will:
1) Brainstorm— Feb 17, 24 & Mar 2
2) Advocate— Mar 9, 16, 23
Writing: why you like a choice, keeping positive.
3) Vote with Dots—Mar 30, Apr 6, 13
4) Announce the Top Contenders after Coffee Hour on April 13th
5) Congregational Mtg. Apr 27—vote for top choice. Then we will try out the new nickname for one year; a “trial run.”

Why are we doing this?

Mostly because “Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk County” or “UUSBHC” is a mouthful! But there are many other reasons . . . ask some people what they think. It’s a good conversation to have.

Join a Small Group!

We’d like to invite you to join a Small Group. This is an excellent way to get to know some people well, and work together on creating community while growing spiritually. We ask you to commit to regular attendance. Please RSVP to a Facilitator.
Sunday Afternoon (1st Sun. of month from 2-4pm)
Facilitators: Mica Lorenz and Brian Forster &
Meeting at Mica’s House (has a cat)
1141 Independence, Waterloo
Start-up Meeting on Sunday March 2.
Sunday Evening (1st Sun. of month from 7:00-8:30 p.m.)
Facilitators: Kirby Sherman and Carolyn Hildebrandt &
Meeting at church, for now. (Kirby has dogs, so this will be a pet-friendly group.)
Start-up Meeting on Sunday March 2.

Wednesday Evening (2nd Wed. of month from 6:30 to 8:15 p.m.)
Couples’ Enrichment Group (straight or gay, must be committed)
Facilitators: Christine and Del Carpenter    (266-0194)
Start-up Meeting March 12. (Will close after the April meeting.) Meet in church balcony.
Immediately following the Wed. evening Family Meal that begins at 5:45 p.m.  Childcare will be provided.
This will be an educational and fun group; NOT therapy.
The group will read and discuss either "The Five Languages of Love" by Gary Chapman or "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman.
The group will choose a book at the first meeting.
John Gottman writes, "Happily married couples aren't smarter, richer, or more psychologically astute than others. But in their day-to-day lives,  they have hit upon a dynamic that keeps their negative thoughts and feelings about each other (which all couples have) from overwhelming their positive ones. They have what I call an emotionally intelligent marriage . . . Just as parents can teach their children emotional intelligence, this is also a skill that a couple can be taught."
Waverly Wednesday Group (3rd Wed. of month, evenings) Facilitator: Chris Rediske, phone: 319-352-3444
Our Waverly Group will focus on being a book-discussion group. The books will focus on issues of Peace and Social Justice, Environmentalism, Gender Equality, Spirituality etc. Members of the group will have the opportunity to suggest books and take their turn in leading the discussion. Since this is a child-welcome group, no doubt issues concerning parenting will also arise.
Start-up Meeting on April 16th.
Weekday Daytime Group
Facilitators: Esther Kieffer and Jim Paproki &
266-1172 & 296-3737
They are still working on which day will work best, but if you’d like to be part of a group that would meet during the day, let them know!

Churning the Cream to find Butter, the sacred Self within each of us.

May we all reach out, in spite of earth’s imperfections for what is good and lasting and true in life.


Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home

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