Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekly Update 9/19/08

Greetings! I have a soft-spot for grabbing beautiful moments where I can. Just today, I walked into my bedroom this afternoon. Sunlight dappled playfully on the quilt the wind gently moving the tree outside created patterns that formed and reformed of the warm afternoon light. In a heartbeat my mood shifted, as breathed in that beauty.
Monarch butterflies have been everywhere I look in the past few days. They are something beautiful to catch your breath in a heartbeat.  When I look at them, fluttering with seemingly little direction, I think about sometimes it feels like we are fluttering about, with as little direction as a butterfly. But we would be wise to remember that the Monarch somehow, despite being buffeted about by strong winds, knocked asunder by passing cars, pelted by rain and hail, somehow hundreds of thousands? millions? make it to South American each year to over-winter, and then make it back up here come spring. Amazing. They move with the flow of life that buffets them here and there, and yet still end up where they want to be. Now, there is an amazing lesson in give and take! Stop watch a butterfly for a few minutes if you can this week!

This Sunday:
@9:30am Sunday Service: Fall Equinox!
Ever think about what fall has to teach us? What about THE FALL, as often talked about in other Christian churches--does this story have relevance for today's UUs?  Join the Service for All Ages planning team as we explore these ideas and more in this multi-faceted, musical, dramatic service!
@10:45am Fellowship Join us for coffee, tea, refreshments, announcements, fresh organic produce for sale, and don’t forget to buy your Scrip (gift certificates) so we can make money without spending any extra!
@11am Children’s Chapel
@11:15 Sunday School for Adults, Youth & Children
Walkin’ The Talk
: Learn about Community Meals
Buddhist Path - Join Rev. Eva and others in exploring Buddhist spiritual practices.
Garden Meditation - Join Julie Fischer in the garden for meditating in a meaningful way to you:  sitting quietly, soaking in the beauty of nature, sketching a leaf or flower that inspires you, or actually working the garden.
@7pm What’s Up Doc? “The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived the Peak Oil” - After the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba suffered a 'peak oil' crisis. This documentary shows how they survived this crisis.
During the Week:
23rd Tues @1pm Committee on Ministry Mtg.
24th WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays
Child care is available for WOW!

6:30-8 p.m Book Circle:
Donna Davis and Donna Wood will be facilitating a discussion circle focused on Tim Wise's new book, WHITE LIKE ME. This book examines white privilege in America and is both a poignant and revealing set of stories and a systemic examination of how race plays an important role in everyday life in ways that whites don't ordinarily think of, even those most attuned to racism. We are looking forward to a very interesting and enlightening discussion with those of you who would like to join! We will have the book available for purchase at the first meeting. With our discount, the cost is $12.85 including tax.
7:15pm Theoretical String Band Practice
25th  Thur.@ 7:30 Buddhist Path
26th Fri. @6:30 Buddhist Movie Night
Join Ralph Burr & members of Buddhist Path for popcorn & movie with a Buddhist theme.
                  @6:30 Young Adult Bonfire @ Eva’s house (find the new Young Adult UUSBHC group on Facebook for upcoming events)

Other Items:
Please return Hymnals
if they don’t belong to you personally. We’ve been coming up short when setting them out on Sundays, and need them to all come ‘home’ to their church home. If you would like hymnal for your house, they are available for sale at the UUA bookstore online.
Wanted  For The Church – A Nice Comfortable Couch! The Couples Small Group has taken on the project to provide some more comfortable seating for groups who are using the Senior High Room in the Religious Education area.  The old orange couch is extremely un-comfortable, so we are on a hunt for a replacement.  We are planning a luncheon in January for everyone to help raise some funds to pay for a "newer" couch.  We would like a couch that is not too low, still in good condition, and will look nice in the room.  If you are aware of a low cost  (or free) couch that we could look at please contact Mica Lorenz at or 291-6509.
Small Group Ministry – What is That?  -
The purpose of Small Group Ministry is to provide an opportunity for friends and members to develop deeper connections and wider service.  Small Groups provide an opportunity for lifting one's horizons up from the mundane considerations of day-to-day life.  Small groups help people get to know and be known by 10 to 12 others committed to attend and participate regularly in their small group.
Several of our Small Groups are opening up this fall.  There are Small Group Ministry brochures with sign up sheets available at the visitor's table in the front entrance.  Please take a brochure and think about joining a small group. If you think you may want to join a small group at a later time, you can sign up to be put on a waiting list. Then you will be notified about new groups when they open up again.  

Currently the Small Groups that are open are:
•A Gathering of Women- 1st Sunday of each month – UU Church 7-8:30 p.m.(On going, has room for a few more )  Carolyn Hildebrand & Kirby Sherman Facilitators
•A New Small Group starting up, last Sunday of Month, Mica Lorenz Facilitator - UU Church - Balcony  2-4 p.m.
•Waverly Small Group – 2nd Friday  6 PM  - Chris Rediske Facilitator   (Contact Chris for more information)
•Chapel at Friendship Village – 2nd Wednesdays – 11:00 a.m.  Eva Cameron , Esther Kiefer & Brian Forester.
Pastoral Updates:
Please continue to keep Bea Tate in your thoughts and prayers as she continues rehab at Covenant. Its been a month since her stroke and brain surgery. Look for a message from Esther soon about how to help her husband Tom.
 •Dottie Forsberg has moved to Lakeview Landing for the time being.
I’m off to Cup of Joe . . . between 4:30 & 6pm.  Feel free to join me!
See you in church!

Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home

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