Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekly Update 9/5/08


I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘Life’ this week. Its been hard not to! With Sarah Palin asking each of us to think about our values, as she enters our world by storm—Down’s Syndrome baby in arms, pregnant 17 year old daughter. And then yesterday, it just so happened that the Evangelical Ministers Meeting was held at Alternatives Pregnancy Center, where a local fellow pastor shared his life’s story for this past year: during the ice storms of the winter, both his parents were killed suddenly in  traffic accident. And then on Memorial Day weekend, he huddled over his wife and daughter in a basement storeroom while his house was blown away by the New Hartford tornado. Birth, death, what we value most . .  . All swirl around me with all these things to think about. As I toured the Alternatives Center—expecting gruesome pictures to shock a young expectant mother into choosing to keep her baby, instead I found warm pictures of babies, rooms full of baby clothes—fresh and tended—to be given away each month as a woman who chooses to keep her baby is nurtured in the life skills needed to thrive. Videos from breastfeeding to budgeting burgeoned from a shelf, where it was explained that learning about things earned a woman points for big items, like a crib. A new knit hat and booties for each baby.

In the past two weeks of political rhetoric, I was reminded that being pro-life, pro-choice or both (as I am) is not just something to argue about . . . In comes down to figuring out ways to live your values to the fullest, just as the people at Alternatives seem to be doing. I hope that this year, we will not just talk about life, death, and what we value—but figure out ways to grow our values into real living projects of hope and love.

It was exciting to see ourselves in the Courier, with pictures and stories about our Organic Garden and FoodBank project. This is a lovely example of living and growing our love!

This week, join me on Sunday morning for a service on our Spiritual Theme of the year: Daring to Grow @ 9:30am

This is followed by coffee and refreshments in the Fellowship Hall (10:45 to 11:15am)
11 AM Children’s Chapel in the balcony
11:15 AM Sunday School - Classes for children, youth & adults
Adult classes:
Conscious Living in the balcony
Curious about Membership Meeting in Eva’s office
7 PM Small Group Ministry—the first Sunday group
7 PM Documentary Film: “Clay Pride: Being Clay in America Small Town Gay Bar Out in the Heartland”

Upcoming Events:
Religious Services Committee
meets @ 7:30pm If you are interested in being a Worship Associate, you are invited to join us!

our monthly chapel service at Friendship Village. All are invited. 11am Contact Brian Forster to RSVP for lunch.
Couples SGM: this ongoing group meets at 6:30pm
Daring to Grow Roots a class on the history of our UU movement both around the world and locally taught by Rev. Eva Cameron.  You must register for this class in advance. Call the office, 266-5640, or e-mail our Office Administrator Janet  at

Buddhist Path @7:30
in the Balcony. An ongoing discussion and practice group, exploring the ideas of Buddhism and how they impact our own lives. And a time for chanting and meditation.

Meet at the Cup of Joe
for an informal hang-out time. (4:30 to 6pm)

Next Sunday is the Involvement Fair!  If you are leading a group or chairing a committee, reserve some space at a table with Mica. If you are wondering what you want to get involved in with our church, here’s a good time to explore possibilities and visit with people who are in charge. Its a GREAT time to bring a friend or neighbor to church. Dare to grow yourself by doing something new. Dare to grow the church by inviting a friend along!

Pastoral Update
Bea Tate,
who has been down in Iowa City Medical Center remains there as of this time. This week she had some surgery to repair/open some blood vessels in her neck.  Physical Therapy has started to come in and have her sit on the side of her bed for a few minutes and kick her legs. She’s still got a long way to go, so we will continue to hold her in our thoughts and prayers, as well as her husband Tom and children Liam and Delany. Cards & notes can be sent to: Tates, 1007 W. 9th CF 50613  
Grace Malloy turned 9 years old last week, I heard. Since she also featured prominently in our big Gardening splash in the Courier, make sure you tell her what a great job she is doing helping the church as she is growing up!

Please let Esther and I know about things that are happening in your life, or those church members you know. We are always eager to know, so that we can offer some help!

I’ll be over at Cup of Joe this afternoon (4:30 to 6pm) My apologies to those who showed up last week, and I wasn’t’ there due to the holiday weekend! I’ll know better next year!  We do have a fun time to gather and share our stories of the week. Join us. Bring a friend!

See you in church!
Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home


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