Friday, January 8, 2010

Weekly Update

Weekly Update - 1/8/10  I"m just back from ice skating on the lovely outdoor rink in Cedar Falls!  It was a blast to watch the sun set as I glided along on the ice! Its been a couple years since I got out ice skating, and I forgot just how much fun it can be. I remembered it was fun, but remembering and doing are two different 

things!  My challenge to you this week is to do something FUN you haven't done in a while, or maybe something  you've never done but always wanted to . . .  Let me know how it goes! I'm always on the lookout for more fun  things to do. And I love it when you share your life stories with me!  Ready, set, go! 

Early Sunday:

    8:30 am Tea for Teachers: All Children's Sunday School teachers are invited. 

    8:30 am Band Practice

    8:45am Choir Rehearsal

Sunday Service (9:30 to 10:45am)

"Where Does the Temple Begin, Where Does It End?
Rev. Eva Cameron with Maureen Murphy as Worship Associate 
This Mary Oliver poem speaks of the spiritual practice of looking. Our UU Choir will sing. 

              10:45 am Fellowship Time

              11:00 am Children's Chapel

              11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth

              11:15 am Adult Classes

Sixty for Six"Anglo-American Christianity" Bob Robinson will lead a 
discussion of the planning, translation and writing of the Bible.

Circle Way:  We will be 'awakening the divine within' by watching the 
documentary "Entheo: Genesis" by Rod Mann.

2:30 pm Sunday Afternoon small group


This Coming Week


              6:00 pm REAP Council meeting


              7:15 pm Religious Services Council meeting


              5:00 pm Children's Choir

              5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP)

              6:15 pm Adult Choir

              6:30 pm Self Realization Workshop

              6:30 pm Artistic Fun Workshop

              6:30 pm Integral Life Practice small group

              7:30 pm Theoretical String Band practice


              7:30 pm Buddhist Path




Other items

Lend a hand, offer a meal, visit a shut-in, shovel a drive, help a new Mom . . . . 

Lonely and want someone to come visit? going to have surgery? snow just too much?  having a baby?  . . . . 

Please take a moment and fill out this form, so we know how you can help others in our community. AND let us know if you would like some help or comfort. <>

Chalice Lighter Sunday Is January 24, 2010!

Many UUSBHC members have become Chalice Lighters. Chalice Lighter pledges to respond with a contribution of $20.00 or more, when the call comes to "light the chalice" somewhere in the Prairie Star District. There are three calls each year.

Chalice Lighter funds are used to support growth through Chalice Lighters Grants to new or existing Unitarian Universalist congregations for a minister, religious education professional, music, social justice, office staff, building or land and innovative growth strategies. Chalice Lighters in our 70 congregations in Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin have combined their $20.00 or more in contributions to help more than 34 Congregations grow over the past 20 years.

For more information, or to enroll as a Chalice Lighter, contact Jim Paprocki at or 319 296-3737. A member also may enroll online, by visiting the Prairie Star District website at

Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.

3912 Cedar Heights Dr.

Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613

www.uusbhc. org

cell ph: 319-610-6605

church ph: 319-266-5640

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Univesalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

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