Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Update

Over these past few days, our hearts have wept for the immense pain of the people of Haiti  . . . and the immense arrogance of Pat Robertson and his voice of ugliness and hatred among us. Our minister-friend in Des Moines asked on his Facebook page this week, "If the Haitians made a 'deal with the devil' that has invited their suffering, what 'deal' did Americans make to deserve Pat Robertson?" Although this brings a smile, it also leaves us to wonder . . . just how much hatred are we breeding in our country. It makes Standing on the Side of Love all that more important.

There are many ways to help the Haitian people. Our own UUA, along with the UU Service Committee, have started a fund. You can learn about their work and how to donate here: <>
Over $200,000 has already been donated to this fund!
Their projects tend to focus on helping those overlooked by others. 

This Sunday

8:30 am Band Rehearsal & 8:45 am Choir Rehearsal

9:30 am Service "Standing on the Side of Love: Welcoming Our

Neighbors" Rev. Eva Cameron with Staci Chananie-Hill as

Worship Associate Often our warm feelings of love extend to those we know

best. Part of the challenge offered up by our theme this year "Standing on the

Side of Love" is opening our arms wide to those who don't know we are here.

How can we do that? Who are our neighbors anyway?

10:45 am Fellowship Time

11:00 am Children's Chapel

11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth

11:15 am Adult Classes

Sixty for Six: "Anglo-American Christianity" Pastor Mark Lukisch of the local

Seventh Day Adventist Church will present. (under the balcony)

Walkin' the Talk: January's focus is the Eastside Ministerial Alliance.

Reverend Eva will answer questions about what they do.


Buddhist Path: Join Ralph Burr and others in exploring Buddhist spiritual

practices. (balcony)

2:00 pm What's Up Doc?umentaries "God and Buddha: A Dialogue"

4:00 pm Beginning Yoga with Krystal Hamilton

This Week


7:00 pm Board Meeting


WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays

5:00 pm Children's Choir

5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP)

6:15 pm Adult Choir

6:30 pm Self Realization Workshop (high school room)

Artistic Fun Workshop

Continuing the Welcoming Congregation Workshop

7:30 pm Theoretical String Band


7:30 pm Buddhist Path (balcony)


Other Items:

Chalice Lighter Sunday Is January 24, 2010!

Many UUSBHC members have become Chalice Lighters. A Chalice Lighter pledges

to respond with a contribution of $20.00 or more, when the call comes to "light the

chalice" somewhere in the Prairie Star District. There are three calls each year.

Chalice Lighter funds are used to support growth through Chalice Lighters Grants to

new or existing Unitarian Universalist congregations for a minister, religious education

professional, music, social justice, office staff, building or land and innovative growth

strategies. Chalice Lighters in our 70 congregations in Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri,

Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin have combined their

$20.00 or more in contributions to help more than 34 Congregations grow over the

past 20 years.

For more information, or to enroll as a Chalice Lighter, contact Jim Paprocki at or 319 296-3737. A member also may enroll online, by visiting

the Prairie Star District website at

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Univesalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613

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