Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly Update

3/26/10 Weekly Update

We are now in the middle of a deep, dark storm . . . which somehow seems appropriate on Good Friday. I have been thinking all day about the things in my life that have caused me to despair, to lose hope, to feel the evilness and darkness of the world in my belly. This is the day to get in touch with that side of what it means to be human. Its hard stuff, so we like to run from it (far and fast!), but it is the nature of what it means to be human. And it really helps if we remember this. Then the pain, the fear, the shame--all the things which make us feel so alone, and separate--really are a part of what makes us human, what makes us the same as everyone else. This is the day to remember that. And to dedicate ourselves again to walk towards the togetherness that comes from allowing ourselves to trust the human community   (whether you call it the body of Christ, the Sangha, resting in Mother Goddess arms, or just plain human company). It is with the reaching out in the darkest moments, that we find our deepest strength, we return again to love, to god, to not feeling so alone. 

Let's be here in this dark storm for this time, rest and acknowledge its pain. A pain that feels so uniquely our own, and is so truly universal.  And I look forward to seeing you in your Easter finest on Sunday--ready to celebrate LIFE and LOVE and HOPE that is reborn. 



6:30 – 9:30 pm Marriage Equality One Year Anniversary Celebration!

This is something that gives me great hope at this time. Its been amazing to be alive in the making of history, to participate in its making, as I do weddings for couples who's rights were denied for years. Sooo . . . we are having a party, going to try and raise some funds for the cause, and have a good time too. Refreshments and Drinks will be served. Bring some GLBT music from your collection to play (surprise us!) We'll share our stories of living, loving and growing in this issue of Marriage Equality. Not just same-sex couples, but each one of us has a story about how this issue has asked us to grow in our love and thirst for justice . . . donation of $20 is asked ($10 students). 

Sunday 3/28/10

              8:30 am Music Rehearsal (8:30 Band, 8:45 Adult Choir, 9am Children's Choir)

              9:30 am Service "Easter: Celebrate!" Rev. Eva Cameron and Lara Martinsen-Burrell as Worship Associate. This is the day to remember and celebrate the high moments; the moments of your life that lifted you, inspired you, filled you with hope, joy; awakened you to god/dess, love, & life!

              10:45 am Easter Potluck Brunch & Easter Egg Hunt


Calendar Updates for this Coming Week

Eva will be on Vacation all week. 


6:00 pm REAP Council


5:45 pm Yoga

7:00 pm Committee on Ministry


5:00 pm Children's Choir

5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP)

6:15 pm Adult Choir

6:30 pm Cedar Valley Meditation Group (high school room)

              Artistic Fun Workshop

7:30 pm Theoretical String Band


5:45 pm Yoga

7:30 pm Buddhist Path (balcony)


6:30 pm UU Card Club

Next Sunday

Deblyn Russell, commissioned lay-minster, preaching. 


Other items

The Creative Spirits would like to invite you to bring items from nature over the next month to decorate our Earth Altar up in the front of the Sanctuary. 


3rd Annual World Fair

A Celebration of Cultural Diversity!

Saturday, April 10th 12:00-5:00pm

Pepsi Pavilion at Waterloo Cattle Congress

Admission: $3 Adults, $1 Children (Under 12)

All proceeds help vulnerable populations around the world!


· International Entertainment

· Children's Cultural Carnival & Face Painting

· Free Blood Pressure Screenings

· World Market with jewelry and artifacts from around the world!

· Culture & Organizational Displays

· Raffle with over 50 prizes from area businesses!

For more information or to get involved contact us at

Over the Rainbow is a Cedar Falls-based 501(c)(3) organization committed to making health services and educational opportunities accessible and effective for impoverished women and children around the world.

Pastoral Update

Alma  Lynch passed away on Wednesday. Although we haven't seen her or her husband Louis is some years, many of you who've been around for a while will remember Alma's sweet smile and Louis' cheerful saxophone and piano playing. An Open House will be held in leau of a service this Saturday from 2-4pm at Friendship Village Dining Hall.  I'm sure Louis would appreciate cards, notes and visits as he goes through this difficult time:  600 Park Lane, Waterloo 50702. 291-8114. 

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Univesalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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