Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Update

9/17/10 Weekly Update
I hope you are enjoying this fabulous fall Friday!
I'd like to take a moment to turn your attention to the small details of life. Our space, our building, is OUR building. We don't have any hired help to clean, straighten, pick-up or turn off lights. So, as this church year gets going full swing, please don't forget to do a little extra for this space we all use. Take a moment before you leave a space--look around. Ask "what can I do to leave this place looking nice for the next person who comes around?" Please turn out lights, check windows, lock doors, just like you would at home. I know sometimes when we are talking with friends it takes a little more concentration to remember to do this, but let's all kick in and work together. You don't have to have opened a window to close it, although that would be GREAT. You don't have to have turned the lights on to turn them off, but that would be GREAT. If you find an old cup laying about, carry it to the kitchen and wash it. And if you have some extra time, run the vacuum, wipe a wall, or straighten a cluttered surface--just like at home. I think some times people are afraid to touch anything because they don't know who is in charge, or if they are disturbing something someone else wanted there--I want to empower you to feel like creating order from chaos is a good thing, a healthy thing, and one that we want to see happening around the place more often.

Oh yeah, and one more thing . . . with the exception of Shanlee McNally, your mother isn't around . . . so just take charge, clean up, pick up, lock up . . . and know that you are just as 'in charge' as anyone else!

Thanks for attending to this!

Sunday 9/19/10
coffee, and announcements in the Fellowship Hall.

8:30 am Music Rehearsal

9:30 am Yom Kippur Message: "The Weight We Carry" Rev. Eva Cameron, preaching.  Worship Associate: Lisa Kratz
"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love."  Join us as we explore this in relationship to our monthly theme of preparing for the journey.
10:45 am Fellowship Time
10:45 am Involvement Fair
11:00 am Children's Chapel (balcony)
11:15 am Sunday School for Children & Youth
2:30 pm Sunday Afternoon small group

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week

7:00 pm Ministry Council


7:30 pm Board Meeting


5:00 pm Children's Choir

5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP to by noon on Monday)

6:15 pm Adult Choir

6:30 pm Cedar Valley Meditation Group (high school room)

7:30 pm Theoretical String Band


7:30 pm Buddhist Path (balcony)

Office Update
Office hours have changed.  I will continue with Monday & Thursday mornings from 8:30 am to 12:30pm.  I have added hours on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.  Please be advised that I am keeping the church calendar now, so if you are in charge of any event at the church, please let me know the time, date and location of your meeting.  I will be gone the week of October 11th so the sooner you send me any calendar information, the better.  Thanks!  Janet

Other Items
A note from Nancy . . . our District Executive
Last weekend I was in Ames to do the start-up for Charlotte Cowtan, their Interim Minister, and I had a tour of their water-damaged building. The carpet tiles have all been torn up, there are cracks in the walls and the doors don't fit into the doorframes, and there are cracks along the foundation at the front of the church. The offices and youth room are not usable. Those of you who have visited the Fellowship in past years know that their building is built next to a hillside. Although there were pipes at the base of the hillside to carry the water away, the amount of rainwater overwhelmed the drainage system. It's possible that some of the soil under the foundation has been washed away, leading to the foundation cracks. Estimates to fix the building are in the $100,000 range.

Shawnee Mission UU Church in Overland Park, KS, also suffered water damage earlier in the summer, when Kansas City was deluged by rainstorms. The cost to fix the lower level and replace materials is about $18,500.

More information about the fund which has been set up, how to make donations, and how the money will be distributed is available here:   Let's help these congregations recover from these difficulties.


Nancy Heege
Prairie Star District Executive
122 W Franklin Avenue #303
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Pastoral Update
Our condolence to Nate Callahan who lost his brother Chuck to colon cancer this past week. He joins his family in Des Moines this weekend for the funeral. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Notes and cards can be sent to: 1822 Orchard, CF, 50613
We celebrate the birth of Marilyn Desmond's Great Granddaughter, Makenzie Alexandra Kleiner.
Please let us know of other life events we should share with the congregation.

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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