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Weekly Update

4/29/11 Weekly Update

This week brought us horrific storms, a royal wedding, threats of flooding, and the long-sought after release of President Omaba's birth certificate. It has had a surreal edge to it, that have made me keep checking for the cameras to see if I've been plunked down in the middle of All My Children (which also made the news, for having been canceled after being on the air for almost my entire life!) Meanwhile, most everyone here locally really only wanted to talk about the weather . . .  yes, I know its Iowa, and people do love to talk about the weather . . . but in this case, after not seeing the sun in such a long time, it was fully understandable.

Sometimes we find ourselves being blown about by all sorts of winds of the times. Our hearts don't know if we should cheer or cry. When I find myself in situations like this past week, I find its a good idea to go back to my roots, to cling to those things I truly value in life. I don't mean "cling to" as in "adhere myself" in such a way as I'd never let go. That would be too clingy! But I do mean to stop taking so much in from outside, and use what I know and love and trust as a reference point for my thoughts, feelings and actions. For me, I have always found solace and inspiration in Nature. And so I am very happy that this week we pause, and celebrate one of my favorite holidays: EarthDay.

Yes, I am aware that the rest of the nation, and perhaps even the world, celebrated EarthDay on April 22. But with all the holidays coming together, we have given ourselves a little breathing room so that we can celebrate in style! The team has been working hard to create meaningful event for the whole family. I do hope you'll come!

The Annual Meeting to be at 11:00 am this Sunday. Exercise your vote, while participating in one of the most intreguing and empowering aspects of being a UU. We believe each person is important, and so we invite you to vote on our budget and officers of the church. How cool is that!

In the meanwhile, having gone out to get my hands in the dirt this morning, I am able to send compassionate energy for a long and happy marriage to the royal couple, to the many families suffering from tornado damage in the south, to those worrying about being flooded, and to those who felt a resurgant swing of racism in the need for a standing president to produce his birth certificate. After thinking about it, I was even able to send compassionate energy to those so called "birthers" who have been actually worried by the changes in our country enough to find this a compelling issue.

See you in church!

Sunday 5/1/11
8:30 am Music Rehearsal
9:30 am Festival Sunday Service: "Earth Day & New Member Welcome"
Rev. Eva Cameron, Festival Team & Worship Associate Bill Chene.

It's time for our annual celebration of Mother Earth.  This year we center our hearts on the amazing transformations that are a part of life on Earth.  Weather permitting, we will finish up the service outside, so wear shoes that are comfortable for walking on the lawn.  
Make sure you join us for this ever-popular service, and help us welcome our
new members as well!

10:30 am Fellowship Time
11:00 am Children's Chapel (balcony)
11:00 am Annual Meeting
11:15 am Sunday School for Children & Youth

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week
7:30 pm Executive Council
5:00 pm Children's Choir
5:30 pm Dinner (Please RSVP to by noon on Monday)
6:15 pm Adult Choir
7:30 pm Theoretical String Band
7:30 pm Buddhist Path
7:30 pm Drum Circle

Other Items

Children's Dedication on Mother's Day (next Sunday)
We will be dedicating children who have not yet been dedicated, (no matter what age), on Mother's Day. If you are unsure of what this means, or would like to see a copy of the ceremony, please don't hesitate to ask. If you would like to participate, please let Eva know by Monday. <>

Contributions invited to 2011 Severe Storm Fund

Communities and families across the South were devastated by the storms and tornadoes of April 27th! Unitarian Universalist folks in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee have major property damage and are reeling from the effects of the storms. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was particularly hard hit, and a number of UU families there are without their homes.

Mid-South District of the UUA has established the 2011 Severe Storm Fund to assist Unitarian Universalist families and their communities as they repair their lives and properties after the tornado-filled storms.

To donate:
  • Checks should be payable to "Mid-South District," noted: "2011 Severe Storm Fund," and mailed to

Mid-South District Bookkeeper
4605 Elkins Ave., Nashville, TN 37209

  • Online Donations  may be made by clicking on the 'Donate' button on the front page of the MSD web site at


Make a difference in 2011!
Do you love children? Do you love to help others?

If you answered yes, then the Parent to Parent program can connect YOU with a new mother and baby who can use your encouragement.  You don't have to have parenting experience, but mothers and grandmothers are welcome!
Being a mother can be as challenging as it is rewarding, and a Parent to Parent volunteer makes a difference in the life of a new mother through regular visits and phone calls to a mother and her baby.

Training for new volunteers will be held Saturday, May 21st from 9 am – 1 pm in Suite 409
at Family & Children's Council. Please pre-register by Monday, May 16th.

                                                           To pre-register or for more information,
                                                           call Adriane or Jessica at 234-7600,
                                                           or email or

           500 East 4th Street, Suite 414
           Waterloo, IA 50703
           (319) 243-7600 Fax (319) 236-3825
           Visit our website at

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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