Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekly Update


I write to you as the rains just being to gently fall, sitting on my comfortable back porch—where I enjoy watching the world go by. When I lived in India, the house had a back porch too, only there it was called a ‘veranda.’ But from that spot, I could see the high round shoulder of the mountain we lived on rising above me. I so enjoyed watching the rain clouds settle in over top of the mountain, and gradually slide their way down until I was in the rain.

What was I doing in India? Well, I was visiting Unitarians who live there, and doing some research for a book I hope to finish some day about our US connections to the Unitarians there. It was a fun sabbatical, and resulted in the creation of the Sponsor-a-Student program we participate in. BUT, we can’t always travel to meet our Unitarian and Universalist friends. So I have decided to try and share about some of our ‘cousins’ in faith from around the world each year, on what I am calling “International Sunday.” This Sunday’s visit will be to Transylvania! (Yes, the land of vampires!)

This Sunday’s Service (9:30am)
Come and learn a little bit about our deep Unitarian history in Transylvania. This region, once a hot-bed of progressive thought in Europe, still is home to many ancient Unitarian churches. Different from us in many ways, we share a common heritage, and over the past 20 years an increasing number of UU’s from this country have made pilgrimages to visit this homeland of Unitarianism. Ute Brandenburg and Carolyn Hildebrandt have special music to share with us, and its the first Sunday of the month, so we will honor our ThankUU recipients.

Children’s Chapel is at 11am

Second Hour (11:15 am to 12:15pm)
Classes for children and youth are ongoing.
If you’ve been coming to the church for a while, and are interested in learning more about becoming a member,  about Unitarian Universalism, or are ready to sign the membership book, please join Eva and members of the Outreach Committee for this New Member Session.
Conscious Living
Julie Fischer and Juanita Williams will share stories of their eco-adventures. They invite you to bring opportunities of other ‘eco-adventures’ that you know of to share.

TODAY—First Friday @ 6pm
Yes, it is MAY already! Join us this evening for a celebration of Spring in the manner of the Celts. We will dance the May Pole, and give thanks for returning life. Bring a dish to pass—Irish food is the theme, but you are welcome to just bring anything to share.

Upcoming Events:
Help Habitat for Humanity—a UU workparty!
As part of our Walkin’ the Talk experience for May, we will be helping the Habitat people in building a house on May 31st. Please sign up on the Social Action table in the Fellowship Hall if you are able to help out. Let’s get a good group of UU’s out to make a family’ dream come true. Never done it before? That’s okay . . . Habitat is used to working with volunteers of all skill levels. I’m planning on going. I hope you will too!

Again, I haven’t any Pastoral Updates to share with you. After a long winter, people seem to be doing well. But please do let Esther or I know if you are in need of some support: physical or spiritual!

See you in church!

Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
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