Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekly Update


Sunday @ 9:30
Join John Miller for his chapel service called “The Omnipotent Individual” . . . . He writes, “As UU’s we recognize the importance of each individual being free to explore their own religious beliefs. There is also an organization that assists that exploration process. We will explore the balance between the organization and the individual.” There will be childcare during the service, and a fellowship time afterwards.

Upcoming Opportunities:
Please come and invite your friends too!

Buddha’s Birthday: First Friday + Buddhist Meditation Retreat
Join us for the last “First Friday celebration” until fall on June 6th. We will celebrate Buddha’s Birthday, hosted by the Buddha’s Path group at the church. Friday evening, 6pm, bring a dish to pass (vegetarian in honor of Buddha’s request we harm none.) We will practice chanting, meditation, and ‘bathe the Buddha”. It is appropriate to bring gifts of fruit or flowers to decorate the altar. And if you have a statue of Buddha you would like to share, please bring it along to adorn our altar.
Saturday Mediation Retreat (June 7) will be from 7am to 12:30pm. Those new to meditation are invited to arrive just before 8am for meditation instruction. We will have periods of sitting and walking meditation, a dharma talk by Eva, and simple lunch at the conclusion. Please RSVP for Ralph Burr at e-mail:   or phone: 277- 2271 (leave a message), so we know how many to plan for.

Breath and Sound Workshop:
Phil Jones a professional recording artist and sound therapist will led a workshop on the sacredness of Breath and Sound at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Ames. Sunday, June 15 at 12:30pm. Cost is $20. For more information there is a flyer at church or contact Lori Allen 515-292-5960

Thank you to all who helped clean the RE classrooms last Sunday. And a special thanks to Angie Stafsholt and Suzanne Bullard for donating the blue paint and painting the nursery and putting up the white letters, to Randolph Brain for edging near the ceiling, Nate Callahan for gluing and fixing the slide, and thank you to our friend Danielle Snowden for spending her free time helping to paint the tree and the train.

Sliding into Summer Slow-down
After our all-church clean-up and picnic we will be sliding into our summer slow-down. As people start to travel, and spend more time in their gardens our Sundays are slower, and we have fewer happenings through the week. I take some time off to plan next year and vacation. We will have services all summer give by our Worship Associates. Look for the Weekly Update from them to remind you about their upcoming service. In August we slowly slide back into a fuller, more robust schedule. And we have an All-Church Retreat on the weekend of August 17-18: think of camping on the church lawn, campfire singing, a sock hop with our own Folk Band, pancake breakfast, outdoor chapel service, time to share and plan for the coming year, and lots of fun.

Pastoral Update
Bruce Baugher sent Kathy KZ an up-date on his status it is posted on the caring chalkboard or email Kathy if you would like a copy.

Cup of Joe
Join me at this afternoon from 4:30 to 6pm for a relaxing time to meet a few UU friends and welcome the weekend. This is my last one until August.

I’ve copied some clear information about Tornado Relief below.

Enjoy the many blessings of summer, of life,

+++++This from the BH Evangelical Assn communication about Tornado Relief+++++
News on the situation in Parkersburg…Vicki Reece shared the following information with me yesterday:
I believe a Daily Newsletter will be published.  They are trying hard to keep communication as clear as possible.
RADIO:  A special frequency is set up for Butler, I believe its 530AM.
All volunteer efforts are being coordinated by the Butler Sheriff's Office  319-267-9111.  They will assign projects.  When you come into town, go to the United Methodist Church, located just north of the blue water tower on Florence Street.  All volunteers are to log in with the Sheriff's Office (they are great guys).  FEMA keeps track of hours, and this affects some funding.  Logging in helps the town!
(Rev. Betsy Piette is pastor of UMC.  She lost her home and all her belonging in the tornado, and is doing a great job of hosting the thousands of volunteers being funneled through her church—the church sustained damage…but miraculously survived in the midst of devastation all
around!  The church is just east of the highschool, and north of the highschool.)
Volunteers--be as self-sufficient as possible.  Bring first-aid kit, wear boots, gloves, bring supplies.  Food is available at AMVETS, but you may want to have your own cooler and snacks as there can often be lines (that move quickly…but they are still lines.)
All churches will be having their services in their sanctuaries this Sunday!  Please be praying for them.
Northeast Food Bank is putting together food boxes at Waterloo and then they are being distributed in town.   This will be non-perishables.  
More to be coordinated, and I'm sure will be in place by Friday as far as food donations.  Watch website and TV for more information!  Barbara Prather is Executive Director of NE Food Bank.  HELP will be needed to man the food pantry once it is in place.
All residents need to register with FEMA  1-800-621-3362.   (7am-7pm CT)  Pastors who receive their packets should fill out the small business forms for themselves too (yes, really)  Everyone should register...sometimes damage doesn't emerge till after the deadline has passed.
Shelter is located at the middle school.  If volunteers wish to stay overnite they need to coordinate it with the school 319-347-6621.
Grief counselors can contact the school, 319-347-6621
Meals are being served at Amvets.  This is a central location.  If you like cooking, point that out when you call the Butler Co at 319-267-9111.
Meals, snacks, water, sodas. FEMA office is located here.  Outside a place people can charge cell phones.  A good place to go to make connections—along with the Sheriff’s table at the United Methodist Church north of the water tower.
At present they are asking for no clothes (there are already plenty of donations).  There may be a need for new underwear (in packaging), hygiene items, socks.  Watch for appeals on TV or website.
Those 60 or older may receive help from Hawkeye Valley that will help with rental deposits, grocery vouchers, insurance deductibles.
TORNADO FUND - A foundation has been set up through Lincoln State Bank,    Any donations to "Tornado Fund" will be used to help the town.
This is the biggest issue right now... once a resident has cleared his/her property of personal items and hazardous waste, he/she can put a stake in the front yard that says removal is ok.
A WAY TO HELP.  Removal takes place from the front...and residents need help getting things up and out!!!   You will need the right equipment, gloves, and trucks. (Like I need to tell you this!)  Residents have total permission to remove debris if they find people to help.  Look at the website to see the hazardous waste and debris guidelines  (
THURSDAY we sent volunteers home, it was unsafe to operate machinery, and there was shifting in some of the walls with the rain.  This was decided and coordinated by Butler County.

Rev. Eva S. Cameron
UU Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA
319-610-6605 mobile
319-266-5640 church
319-266-1111 home


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