Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Update


My mind is full of all the beautiful shades of green we have been enjoying this week as the world “springs” alive around us. Last night in Buddhist Path, I asked everyone to introduce themselves and share something beautiful they had seen or experienced in the past week. So many people spoke of the flowers, their colors, the scent, the many kinds . . . It was a lovely image to settle on.

This coming Sunday (9:30 to 10:45am) is our annual Flower Communion. If you’ve never been to one before, bring a flower (plucked or bought) for each member of your family. You will go home with another flower, that someone else brought. This lovely ceremony was started long ago in Prague, and is customary in most of our UU churches. We planned on doing a Child Dedication, but all the new families with children will be out of town this weekend. So we will honor mothers, and enjoy a story about beginnings of Flower Communion. Family Folk Ensemble will sing. Its a Service for All Ages.
Fellowship (10:45 to 11:15)
Children’s Chapel (11am)
Second Hour (11:15 to 12:15)
We have classes for children, youth and adults. The adults classes for this week are:
* Circle Way  - Deblyn Russell and Sue Wilson  will be showing the newly released documentary about which everyone is talking, " The   Moses Code ". This is your chance to be in the know  about this new film.
*Stories That Changed My Life - New series, join fellow UUs as they relate interesting and informative stories about events that changed their lives. This Sunday Esther Thomas will tell her story.

Special Newsletter Deadline: Thurs. May 15.
Help Gerry, our devoted volunteer newsletter editor work a minor miracle. She needs to create the newsletter in less time that usual since she’s got travel plans. Start sending her anything and everything now. We need events for both June and July at this time. Towards the end of July she will assemble a newsletter for August.  <>

FVUUM: This week we’ll be at Friendship Village at 11am on Wed. May 14th. RSVP to Brian Forster if you’d like to attend lunch after chapel. (ph. 291-8427)

Pastoral Update:
Ask Chris Rediske about her new granddaughter born in late April!
Its been a while since we honored Mildred Pierce as our Uunsung Hero. She’s probably ready to have a few phone calls to keep her spirits up, since she is mostly home-bound at this time.
Do let Esther or me know if there are other Pastoral messages to share with our community.

Fridays at the Cup . . . Join me this afternoon from 4:30 to 6pm at Cup of Joe for an informal time to relax and share in the  company of others in our commUUnity.


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