Friday, November 14, 2008

Weekly Update

Hello!  Are you excited as I am to see what the next steps are, for each of us, in bringing change to our country? The whole idea of ‘Community Organizing’ on a nation-wide scale is mind boggling to me. But I plan on having conversations with some of you who’ve lived through major times of change in this country—like the depression, or at the time of the Second World War. I’m wondering what did it feel like, and how did you build up momentum to keep us moving forward? Let’s all work on this together, to be ready, will and able to help shape what is to come. This is a big part of what is means to be a Unitarian Universalist: working to see our vision come alive on this planet.
Tomorrow!! Lot’s of exciting things going on:

Photo-directory: Last call!!
Few spots tonight and tomorrow afternoon left. Call Jan @ 240-0962 if you haven’t made it in yet!

Buddhist Retreat is also Saturday!
Join Zen Monk Ted O’Toole from Minneapolis in this mini-retreat. A half a day of calm and quiet before the hecticness of the season. You may come at 7am if you are a meditator, or at 8am if you’d like meditation instructions. A light lunch will be served. Wear comfortable clothes, and feel free to bring your own cushions (although we have some).
Strong Backs? Love to Decorate?
As you can tell, we’ve got a lot going on Saturday. In order to make it all happen, we will be re-arranging some furniture and speed-decorating the Fellowship Hall with a jungle theme. If you could help either with Furniture moving (Sat @ 1pm), or decorating (Sat @ 2pm)  . . . please just show up with a smile!!
Treats and Talents Auction !!!
6pm social time, 7pm auction begins.
Get out you pith helmet, your khaki clothes, and cobras for your neck . . . we are off on safari. Come for the fun! Come to buy fun gifts and good dinners. Come and meet someone new!  Also it’s not too late to turn an auction item in to Mike Knapp

This Sunday:
8:30 am Music Rehearsal
9:30 am Service “Daring To Grow Our Church” What does it take to grow our church? Is growth really necessary? How can you help? We will have a New Member Ceremony this week. Join Rev. Eva with Lara Martinsen-Burrell as WA. Taylor Hanson will play violin for us!
10:45 am Fellowship Time
11 am Children’s Chapel
11:15 am Sunday School
for children & youth
11:15 am Adult Classes:
Buddhist Path: Join Rev. Eva and others in exploring Buddhist spiritual practices.
Walking the Talk: We’ll talk about the Food Bank and Christmas Ham Dinner boxes.
Garden Meditation: Meditation is also available each week for those who would like to spend time outdoors.
2 pm Board Meeting
7 pm What’s Up Doc? “Nobelity”
A stunning look at the world’s most pressing problems through the eyes of nine Nobel Laureates, Nobelity follows filmmaker Turk Pipkin’s personal journey to find enlightening answers about the kind of world our children and grandchildren will know. Filmed across the U.S. and in France, England, India, and Africa, Nobelity combines the insights of nine distinguished Nobelists with a first-person view of world problems and the children who are most challenged by them. Featuring Nobel Laureates: Steven Weinberg, Jody Williams, Ahmed Zewail, Rick Smalley, Wangari Maathai, Sir Joseph Rotblat, Dr. Harold Varmus, Desmond Tutu, Amartya Sen.
WOW! Workshops on Wednesdays
5:30 pm Dinner *Please RSVP*
6:15 pm Family Choir
6:30 pm Workshop: “Relationships at Holiday Times”
7:15 pm Theoretical String Band
7:30 pm Buddhist Path
9:30 am YoUUng Child Play Group
7:30 pm DrUUming Circle
Next Sunday: November 23rd
9:30 am Service “Thanksgiving Festival with a Hunger Communion”
Join us for a “Service For All Ages” as we celebrate the richness of life and all that we have for which to be thankful. Guest At Your Table boxes will be passed out this Sunday. Special Note: Please bring non-perishable food for our “Parade of Food” procession during the service.
Pastoral Update:
Eleanor Stark:
Esther wrote me saying, “I had a call from Eleanore Stark's daughter Ann.   She said her Mom was
at the doctor today and was told she has cancer of the liver (they do not know the initial site).  She maybe has months to live.  More tests will be done tomorrow regarding some blockage and what to do about it.  She is a fairly new member at UU. Ann said she really appreciated the cards she has received from folks at UU.” Let’s keep up the cards!! 2215 Victory Dr. CF 50613

Dorothy Wendt
 has had a pacemaker installed, and is recovering from that. She and Don had plans to travel this weekend, and we are hoping they get to go.
Keri Brecht has hurt her foot, is in a cast, and will need some help getting around for the next little while. She can be reached at 442-7187, her email is:,
her address is 102 Main St #2 (right above Cup of Joes). She’s a member of the Theoretical String Band and one of our UNI students.
Please let me or Esther know if you are in need of care, or have some upcoming medical event!  We all want to help!
I plan to be at Cup of Joe this afternoon from 4:30 to 6pm. Drop by if you just want to hang out and visit.

See you in church!
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