Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Update

Hello Friends!
Fall is upon us. The weather is gradually shifting, children are settling into their school routines, and we've all been finding our sweaters. Change is such a delightful part of life, although not all changes are easy, they sure offer us reasons to grow our spirit as we look to meeting each day as an invitation to bring our best selves to the arena. Fall reminds us that change is inevitable in all areas of life, not just weather!

This week we continue our ROCCC (Reconnecting to Our Creative Compassionate Center) with the beginning of a sermon series on Reconnecting. I hope you can plan to come to the whole series. We begin with reconnecting as a community with stories about my Sabbatical of last year. And we will explore the sacred act of 'pause' as the Jewish community is about to join in deep personal reflection during the High Holy Days, which bring in their new year. (oh! and I have a small present for the kids that I brought from India!)

Some of you may have heard that I had a flu this past week. I'm slowly recovering, and have been thankful for your patience as I've had to cancel our appointments and miss meetings. Hopefully we can reconnect on these things again soon!

Life has been hopping at the UU with lots of kids coming for the Sunday School classes! Don't forget to invite a friend . . . someone who might just be really happy to explore having a new place to call home!

See you in church!

This Sunday (9/25)
       8:45 am Band Rehearsal
   9:30 am Service Reconnection Part 1: Sabbatical Homecoming
The first part of a sermon series on reconnection.  Rev Eva will share some of her sabbatical stories, learnings and adventures . . . and talk about the spiritual practice of pausing from our normal practices of life to reconnect with who we really are.
10:45 am Fellowship Time
11:00 am Children's Chapel
11:15 am Sunday School for children & youth

Tomorrow: (this Saturday 9/24)
Join the Nature Small Group for a potluck meal at the shelter at Cedar Bend Park north of Waverly. This is a family friendly event. Come early and enjoy the trails! There is playground equipment and a volleyball pit near the shelter. Meal begins at 5:30. Bring a dish to share and your own table service. We have the east shelter reserved for the potluck. Drive through the campground, and beyond the gate. Continue to the end of the road (less than a mile). The shelter is on the left (north) side of the road. My cell is 319-429-0283. Call if you have any trouble finding us. ~Cindy Bancroft

Calendar Updates for this Coming Week
   6:00 pm Cedar Prairie Vegetarian Potluck
   7:00 pm Committee on Ministry
      5:00 pm Festival Sunday planning meeting
      5:15 pm Children's Choir
      5:45 pm Dinner
      6:30 pm Adult Choir
      7:30 pm Theoretical String Band
   7:30 pm Buddhist Path

Church Announcements:
Please send any information for the Weekly Updates to or call 266-5640.

Pastoral Update
Lara Martinsen-Burrell's grandmother has recently fallen and has been hospitalized. Lara, Rose and Violet are headed to Connecticut to help out.
Dick Shane has moved from his apartment in Friendship Village's Lakeview Lodge to the Care Center. He welcomes visitors!
Don Wendt continues his gradual decline. He recognizes fewer people now. He is at Lakeview Landing if you care to visit. Often his wife Dottie is there with him, and she can surely use the support.
Dottie Forsberg is also at Lakeview Landing, and continues to have fragile health. Her husband Gordon Harrington is often with her, and then enjoy visitors as well.
Earl VanFleet's son has been hospitalized with some heart troubles, and so we ask you keep him in your hearts and prayers.

September newsletter is available:
  • for downloading from the UUSBHC website
  • paper copies are available in the fellowship hall at church on Sunday.

Look for the October newsletter sometime this coming week.

Help Wanted: (keep checking, this changes!)
It takes each and everyone of us working together to create this community. Please say yes! If you aren't sure, please contact Eva or the person listed for more information.

Senior Pals . . . we have several members of our congregation who are not able to get out and about much any longer, and are rather lonely. Would you be willing to visit one of them and be a friend? Ask questions about their kids. Read a book together. Watch a movie. Look at old pictures? Bring them some cookies? I'd love to connect you with someone who could use a bit of connection in their lives. (Eva)

Marketing Team . . . in the past we have had a team to write press releases for our events, and think of other ways to get messages of our presence and events into the community. Sue Munnik has said she'd captain this team. Will you join her? (Eva or Mica Lorenz)

Adult Programs . . . join Lynn Brant and Heather Flory on a team of people to schedule events for the adults of the church this year. This includes working with the people already teaching classes and adding fun new things to our line-up. OR, if you want to offer something, let this team know.

Festival Sunday team members . . .  creative people to join the team that writes our dramas and plans other interactive worship experiences once a month. We will meet Wednesdays during Children's Choir rehearsal (5 to 5:45pm). Contact Lara M-B with questions.

Worship Associates . . . help with set-up and running the Sunday services. There is training. Must attend the monthly Religious Services Council meeting (2nd Tuesdays at 7:15pm) Speak with Eva if you have questions.

Children's Sunday School helpers . . . be a warm and supportive presence in one of our classrooms. No teaching or advanced prep required. (Michaela Rich)

Hospitality Teams  . . .  join one of the teams that provide coffee, snacks, ushers and other helpful and cheerful Sunday morning tasks! See Mica Lorenz for details.

Sound Team members  . . . work on the team that runs the sound system on Sunday mornings. Talk with Staci Chananie-Hill.

WOW Dinner Helpers . . . Set-up, cooking and clean-up help each Wednesday evening. Heather Flory is the captain of this group, and dinners are a lot of fun!

Cleaning . . . like every space, cleaning is necessary. We don't have a custodian, so if you are willing to help, or assemble a team to help clean a certain space, let us know. Roger Hahn or John Miller

Contact  Rev. Eva or John Miller if you are willing to take on any of these tasks. If you are leading a team or committee that needs more help, let us know so that we can add to this list!  If you don't know someone's contact info--just reply to this email. Thanks!!

Community Announcements:


We are advised by the Cedar Valley Hospitality House and Waterloo Catholic Worker that there is an immediate need for winter clothing and blankets.

The Hospitality House is in need of gently used men's winter coats, stocking caps, gloves, sweatshirts, hoodies and blankets.  These items will be distributed to the homeless who are living outdoors.  Items can be dropped off at the Hospitality House at 1003 Mulberry St. in Waterloo daily between 9:00a and 4:00p (Phone 319-234-1311). To learn more about Hospitality House, click here: <>

St. Francis Catholic Worker is in need of winter hats, gloves and toilet paper for guests who are staying overnight at the Worker House.  Items can be dropped off at the Worker House, 321 East 8th Street in Waterloo weekdays after 4:00p. (Phone 319-232-2116.) To learn a little bit about the this place, click here: <

Rev Eva Cameron
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk Co.
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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